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We bring Cultural Intelligence to your team by focusing on multifaceted communities and topics through workshops, keynotes, and webinars

We offer our Becoming Culturally Intelligent workshops and culture-specific keynote presentations and webinars to individuals and organizations that are ready for action-oriented solutions. Our workshops are rooted in research-based methods and provide practical strategies for creating inclusive environments and modeling culturally responsive behaviors. 

We provide content in live, remote, or hybrid settings, and every workshop includes an interactive guide.



Research proves that Cultural Intelligence (CI) enhances people's communication and performance when they work with individuals across multicultural dimensions.

Our signature facilitation guides participants in developing their CI to increase Cultural Openness, Cultural Awareness, and Cultural Responsiveness. Through the application of CITC’s research-based CI model, leaders and contributors alike learn how to demonstrate CI individually for organizational transformation. Interactive activities and guided conversations provide participants with opportunities for critical reflection to become more curious and empathetic in their daily practices, recognizing that compassion drives action. Interactive guide included.

  • All participants take the Culturally Intelligent Assessment with personalized CI report

  • Participants receive digital certificates upon BCI course completion of at least 3 hours

Target Audience: Leaders, community members, faculty, students

Facilitation: Online and in-person options; client provides venue



Foundational training on developing CI, focusing on understanding and increasing the Cultural Capabilities of Openness, Awareness, and Responsiveness. 


A deeper-dive training that includes everything from BCI, plus a focus on understanding Cultural Value Orientations among team members for inclusive communication in the workplace. ​

  • All participants take the CI Assessment AND Cultural Values Inventory, with attention to how values are demonstrated across the team and strategies for inclusive communication and team dynamics

BECOMING CULTURALLY INTELLIGENT PRO (12+ hours; 2 facilitators; for teams only via DEIB Solution)

Comprehensive training that includes everything from BCI PLUS and the following topics: 

  • Understanding bias and power dynamics through reflective activities and storytelling

  • Identifying, addressing, and avoiding microaggressions through scenario-based practice

  • Creating cultures of belonging

  • Determining next-steps organizationally for action-oriented DEIB implementation



Go deeper in engaging Cultural Awareness and Responsiveness with these topic- or culture-specific communities

All facilitations, except when noted, are two hours long

Accessibility Awareness & Advocacy

This interactive, in-depth workshop is designed to increase participants' overall understanding and awareness of issues faced by people with disabilities. Participants will learn strategies for room design, accessibility in materials, using inclusive language, and understanding diverse learning styles. Meet your facilitator, London

Can't We All Just Get Along? Conflict Resolution as a Leadership Priority (multi-day)

Not addressing conflict conveys a loud, often unintended, message that risks losing the trust and engagement of colleagues and contributors. This interactive workshop series invites participants to thoughtfully reflect on personal behaviors, role play scenarios to confront fears around conflict, and address hypothetical or known issues. Participants develop critical skills in listening, negotiation, communication, and meeting facilitation to increase contributor trust and organizational inclusion.   Meet your facilitators: Renee and Alene. 

The Culturally Intelligent Enneagram (3+ hours)

The Enneagram refers to the nine personality types, with each representing a worldview that reflects the way people feel, think, and act in relation to themselves, others, and their environments. It offers insight into core personality traits, as it delves deeper into the core motivations, stress points, triggers, and security points, which often lie in the unconscious layers of our personality structure. Ultimately, by recognizing stress and engaging security, people can increase their EI. Thus, as they interact with people across cultures, they increase CI. Organizations use it to increase empathy in leadership so they can demonstrate compassion. This 3-hour, interactive and research-based training guides participants in understanding their Enneagram type and learning to more responsively interact with their colleagues, whether during productive or challenging situations. CITC uses the Integrative Enneagram assessment (iEQ9). Meet your Enneagram facilitators, Renee, Alene, and Shawn. Learn more here

Design Conversation for Teams

Design Convo is a foundational framework developed to allow teams to build common understandings, develop safe environments for collaboration, and activate collective creativity. It is a unique and proven tool used for designing conversations
for impact and change. The Design Convo method is for anyone who desires to understand themselves, their team members, and the next steps forward in organizational action. Design Convo engages people's Cultural Intelligence to help them ascertain how they feel and think about, and will act upon, specific shared topics. From there, they can have more effective, efficient, and productive conversations. Meet your facilitators: Renee and Alene. Learn more here


Empowering Fearless Women (Creating Gender Equity)

Prioritize a solution for equipping, empowering, and advancing women to excel at every level of your organization. This workshop will help participants understand the history of gender disparities, the critical contributions women make to workplace environments, and the organizational changes required to become more gender inclusive and supportive. Meet your facilitators: ReneeAlene and Nicole

The 5 Ls: Veterans & Trauma-Inflicted Persons Awareness & Advocacy

Learn to use the 5 Ls framework as a practical and tangible method of bringing the best out of military-affiliated staff while paying close attention to their humanity. This training will aid participants in developing strategies for supporting colleagues, friends, and family members who may be trauma-inflicted, drawn from Shawn Banzhaf's book, The 5 Ls: A Practical Guide for Helping Loved Ones Heal After Trauma. Meet your facilitator: Shawn

Global Engagement Awareness & Advocacy

This workshop will allow participants to identify and recognize some possible cultural variations that may arise during personal and professional communications with international audiences or community members. Interactive activities will provide participants opportunities for critical reflection to become more empathetic and effective in their practices with culturally and linguistically diverse individuals. For an additional cost, CITC can administer and debrief the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) with your team. Meet your facilitators: Renee, Earl, Naomi and Tiara

Global Indigenous Awareness & Advocacy

This workshop will allow participants to better understand some of the multifaceted historical and cultural backgrounds of indigenous communities that gather within their respective communities. Interactive discussions and activities will provide participants opportunities for critical reflection to become more empathetic and compassionate in their interactions with indigenous neighbors. Meet your facilitator: Tiara

Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)

Engaging the IDI process allows individuals to understand their mindsets as it relates to their levels of comfort with interacting across cultural differences. Should an individual (or group) desire, they can increase their levels of Cultural Intelligence (CI) to help
them understand, and more effectively interact, across cultures. They do so by understanding where they are on the Intercultural Development Continuum (IDC) and seeking to move toward the next orientation/mindset. Your group and individual results
remain confidential and will not be shared. Learn more here

Meet your facilitators: Renee, Earl and Naomi

STEP 1 | Take the IDI individually
STEP 2 | Group IDI session | Overview of IDI and group readback
STEP 3 | Individual IDI readbacks and leadership development plan (NOTE: individuals cannot receive personal results without a readback)

Leading with Compassionate Action

The core foundation for CITC’s Cultural Intelligence model is compassion, which is empathy in action. This reflective and interactive workshop will model skills-based strategies for increasing compassion for action-oriented, culturally responsive behaviors. Meet your facilitators: Renee and Alene


Leading as Fearless Women (target audience: identifying females)

Women often are devalued or criticized for exhibiting characteristics of good leaders. But there are different ways of being different, and women can learn to be tempered radicals by owning their power. This reflective and interactive workshop is designed to encourage and empower women to move into workplaces with less fear and more courage, leaving imposter syndrome and gender discrimination at the door. Meet your facilitators: ReneeAleneand Nicole


LGBTQIA+ Awareness & Advocacy

This workshop provides awareness and knowledge of the diverse experiences within the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex, asexual/allied and other marginalized individuals (LGBTQIA+) community, providing the skills needed to create inclusive learning and working environments. This interactive, in-depth workshop will cover the spectrum of sex, gender, and sexual orientation, as well as how these identities intersect with other facets of personhood, such as race and nationality. Meet your facilitator: Earl

Racial Justice Awareness & Advocacy

Participants will explore racism as a systemic, institutional problem of power that goes beyond personal prejudice. They will better understand the practice of antiracism and racial justice, which ask them to be more aware of the inequitable policies, practices, and behaviors pervasive in organizations. Through this reflective and interactive workshop, participants will learn how to engage in more effective conversations and behaviors related to the representation, inclusion, and equal treatment of diverse individuals. Meet your facilitators: Earl and Nicole

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