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Disability & Accessibility


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London M Skiles (they/them) is a fierce accessibility and disability rights advocate whose work focuses on how organizations create space for individuals to be their authentic selves. They help identify and remove barriers to inclusion and reimagine workplaces that value the contributions of all members.



London’s expertise is in instructional design and adult learning and training. They draw from their experiences working in K-12 and Higher Education institutions, corporate and small business, and non-profit organizations in both the United States and Europe, to deliver culturally intelligent training that answers, "What's next?” What is the next step for me, for my team, for my organization?



As a transmasculine nonbinary individual and autistic who was born and raised in a small city on the Tennessee River, London views identity as both simple and complex — simply defined but complexly layered. Creating truly accessible spaces begins with engaging in the self-work of exploring our own intersectional identities and extends to elevating and honoring the intersectional identities of others. These affirming spaces become possible when we celebrate the diversity of our lived experiences.



In their free time, London nurtures their nervous system by spending time with family, training as a “for fun” triathlete, and creating music in their home office/budding studio. They live with their wife and 3 rescue animals: a black cat, a former street puppy turned house hippo, and a blind-one-eyed, mostly deaf, albino senior dog.

*London Skiles' services provided through Culturally Intelligent Training & Consulting, LLC are not connected to their professional, educational, or private affiliations.

  • Master of Education: Educational Technology (Adult Learning and Training concentration)

    • Northern Arizona University

  • Master of Arts: English Language and Literature (Gender and Identity focus)

    • University of Northern Iowa

  • Bachelor of Science (English Education)

    • University of Southern Mississippi

Selected Publications
  • Allison, A. C, E. & Skiles, L. M. (2023, October 19). Organizing the digital environment to support neurocognitive differences. [Conference session]. ASU Accessibility Awareness Day Conference, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, United States.

  • Skiles, L. (2023, August 17). Creating neurodivergent-affirming spaces. [Keynote Address]. Peralta Community College District Flex Day, Oakland, CA, United States.

  • Skiles, L. (2023, April 26). Designing for neurodiversity [Conference Session]. Peralta Online Equity Conference. Oakland, CA. Skiles, L. (2021, October 29). Using course surveys to foster an inclusive environment in online courses. Teach Online.

  • Applying the QM Rubric (2021)

    • QM Quality Matters

  • Certificate in Advanced Global Advocacy (2019-2020)

    • ASU Global Advocacy Certificate Program

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