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Racial Justice

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Nicole Cottrell [CAH-trul] (she/her/hers) is a passionate trainer who utilizes her diverse experience as a biracial woman to inspire and empower others in their anti-racist work. Her desire is to equip individuals in the skills and awareness necessary to serve as the bridge within their personal spheres of influence. 


Nicole's other areas of passion have included creating an active, robust online blogging community which established her as a syndicated writer across multiple platforms. In addition, she has appeared as a guest on international radio and local television programs, and has been the keynote speaker to audiences of thousands. Nicole curates Stories of Color, a diverse, inclusive living booklist for educators. She also serves as the Director of Excellence of Prism Women*, a Phoenix-area ministry that empowers women in their individual identities and purpose.


As a child, Nicole lived in two worlds represented by her biracial identity, growing up between the all Black neighborhoods of South Central Los Angeles and Culver City, along with the predominantly white suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona. It is in embracing both cultures and experiences that has led Nicole to speak candidly, and openly, about the deep need for racial reconciliation.


Her “day job” entails homeschooling her three uniquely individual, but equally creative and kind, children alongside her entrepreneurial, innovative thinker of a husband, Jonathan. When not reciting Shakespeare or helping solve geometry problems, she can be found reading, enjoying time with friends, or napping, although not necessarily in that order. 

*Nicole Cottrell's services provided through Culturally Intelligent Training & Consulting, LLC are not connected to her professional, educational, or private affiliations.

  • Bachelor of Science: Political Science

    • Arizona State University (ASU)

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