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Partner with CITC for a more measured and tailored solution for DEIB strategy and implementation.  

We offer our expertise to you over time in part-time retainer or contract arrangements

Organizations that cultivate diverse teams see a
40 percent increase in innovation (HBR, 2019).


Invest in your entire organization—including senior leaders and every contributor—to ensure that you are upholding standards of not just representation, but inclusion. Collaborate over three, six, twelve, or more months with us to build a  Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB) Program.


By serving as your Fractional DEIB/Culture Officer (FCO), we will help guide your organization in demonstrating culturally responsive behaviors through our 3-step process of Discovery, Training & Consulting, and Program Assessment. 


We are a human-centered, data-driven, and fully insured small business that gets to the heart of professional matters to offer action-oriented solutions for structural and individual change. Our holistic strategy allows your organization to select the number of trainings and consultation services that meet your needs, on a flexible timeline.  

How CITC’s Leadership & DEIB Strategy is Different Than Other Models

  1. We are not satisfied with the one-and-done DEIB workshop model; true diversity and inclusion work takes time. We honor this process.

  2. Our model is data-driven and time-tested for organizational success.

  3. We will leave your organization better than we found it.

  4. We empower the members of your organization to continue CI for DEIB work into the future.

Benefits of having a FCO


  • Save on not having to pay for a full-time C-suite employee and their associated staff

  • Understand and address the DEIB needs of your organization through an objective lens

  • Receive access to an entire team of culturally responsive consultants with unique areas of expertise, such as gender, globalization, LGBTQIA+, race, military-affiliated, and disability

By spending dedicated time monthly working with members across your organization,  CITC as FCO can assist in accomplishing the following outcomes, as determined by a mutually agreed upon plan:

  1. Assess the current state of DEIB through various metrics (e.g., surveys, focus groups, town halls, etc.)

  2. Collaborate with leadership and DEI Council to develop []’s DEIB Strategic Plan

  3. Map out specific goals, action steps, and resources needed to operationalize the DEIB Strategic Plan

  4. Report regularly to executive leadership on all key performance indicators (KPIs) mutually defined as important

  5. Provide subject-matter-expertise to teams across the organization, bringing answers to challenging DEIB questions

  6. Work with []’s senior leadership to create realistic goals and implementation plans that are achievable and successful

  7. Coach DEIB committee members in developing DEIB strategies

  8. Mentor supervisors in building inclusive environments and developing high-performing, promotable collaborators

  9. Provide training across the organization, with content designed to address known and anticipated needs

  10. Maintain a collaborative working relationship to create an environment where diverse viewpoints are valued, and information is shared openly and transparently with others to achieve DEIB goals


CITC will customize a comprehensive plan with your organization that remains responsive to your ongoing training and consulting needs. We begin with a consulting strategy to work with key leadership, and then move into a more extensive training initiative with both leadership and collaborators.




Through our innovative first-step of the DEIB process, we will collaborate with you to assess your organization's current DEIB climate, evaluate its needs, and develop a responsive DEIB action-plan that is customized to work for you. ​



The second-step of the diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) process is continuous research-based, human-centered, interactive education.




Before we educate your organization, we come alongside leadership to provide the following consultation services: 


  • Senior leadership coaching for inclusivity

  • Insights on community-specific strategies to sustain cultures of belonging
  • Development of DEIB Committees, or assistance in formation of sub-committees and employee resource groups

  • Support in recruitment and retention

  • Guidance in creating mentorship initiatives


Over the course of your customized program, your team will become prepared for the work of developing DEIB through these offerings:



  • IDI: Measure group and individual mindsets as they relate to engaging across differences through the Intercultural Development Inventory

  • Design Convo X: Strategic conversations among team members to determine action steps forward

  • Enneagram: Team building through the Culturally Intelligent Enneagram, in which we help individuals understand how they're uniquely motivated to lead and work

  • Conduct annual/biannual DEIB Culture surveys to ensure your organization is fostering atmospheres of belonging

  • Formation of accountability processes​, including Cultural Intelligence Map design

For organizations that already have engaged the Predictive Index (PI), CITC has certified consultants to provide group and individual readbacks of profiles



Our final step is a continuous effort to ensure your organization is moving toward a healthier DEIB climate. Throughout our partnership, we use surveys, selected interviews, and reflective responses, to evaluate the effectiveness of your customized DEIB program and use data-driven decision making to refine processes and approaches.

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