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We bring Cultural Intelligence to your team through building emotional intelligence via the Enneagram personality inventory


CITC Culturally Intelligent Enneagram model, with type 9 at bottom and 5-4 at top; with one-word descriptions for each type



CI Enneagram.png

The Enneagram refers to the nine personality types, with each representing a worldview that reflects the way people feel, think, and act in relation to themselves, others, and their environments. It offers insight into core personality traits, as it delves deeper into the core motivations, stress points, triggers, and security points, which often lie in the unconscious layers of our personality structure. Ultimately, by recognizing stress and engaging security, people can increase their EI. Thus, as they interact with people across cultures, they increase CI.

Our CI Enneagram approach seeks to integrate how gender, race, trauma, and other life circumstances might impact how we engage with others personally and professionally. Using an empathetic lens, our Enneagram facilitators consider the whole person during group and individual sessions, and acknowledge the reality many people face when determining who they are, as compared to who society has asked them to be.


We draw from several Enneagram frameworks, including iEQ9, Enneagram Spectrum, The Brain-Based Enneagram, and the Enneagram for Business

Enneagram Teams

Create Cultures of Belonging

By understanding how team members are uniquely motivated to learn, work, and engage, leaders can build atmospheres of trust, and thus a greater sense of belonging. 


In demonstrating CI, we can use the Enneagram to celebrate the multifaceted ways in which people lead.


In the chart, observe different leadership styles as influenced by type.

CI Enneagram in Business (1).png


Our 3-hour Culturally Intelligent Enneagram training guides participants in understanding their Enneagram type and learning to more responsively interact with their colleagues, whether during productive or challenging situations. Interactive, trauma-informed, and research-based activities provide participants with opportunities for critical reflection to become more empathetic and effective in their daily practices, recognizing that compassion drives action.


  • Two assessment options: standard  ($*50/person) and professional ($*100/person) *discounted from the iEQ9 rate

  • Individual debriefs included with most team workshops

  • Meet your Enneagram trainers, Renee, Alene and Shawn


After participating in the Culturally Intelligent Enneagram initial training, engage in ongoing team building exercises that strengthen workplace interactions. Trainers will use case studies drawn from real workplace scenarios to help colleagues understand themselves and each other better, so they can move forward with increased cultural responsiveness.  

Enneagram feedback.png
Enneagram Individual

Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

Work one-on-one with an experienced, empathetic Enneagram accredited consultant to debrief your iEQ9 assessment results and begin the work of developing increased self-awareness and a plan for how to meet personal and professional goals. All consultations can be conducted online. In-person consultations are available in Phoenix, Arizona and Los Angeles, California. Enneagram consultants will not offer life advice but, rather, guide you in better understanding your motivation, defense mechanisms, triggers, as well as how to move out of stress and into security in your responses.


  • Two assessment options: standard  ($*50/person) and professional ($*100/person) *discounted from the iEQ9 rate

  • 60-minute debrief: select 1 or 2 sessions ($100/per session, per person)

  • Meet your Enneagram consultants, Renee, Alene and Shawn

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