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PODCAST: Why We Need Cultural Intelligence

CITC's founder Renee Bhatti-Klug sat down with Dr. Josiah Igono of All Things Performance to discuss the importance, and relevance, of Cultural Intelligence.


Renee Bhatti-Klug is an expert in the topics of developing Cultural Intelligence (CI), building people-centered curricula, and fostering inclusive environments. She has trained nearly 15,000 faculty and staff across 150 departments on CI.

Renee brings a much needed perspective to this ever-present conversation by applying cultural intelligence. In our conversation, we hit on many thought-provoking areas, including:

15:24 Why Diversity is a “fact” and not a threat

20:00 Tokenization doesn’t work…here’s why

34:20 The difference between Equality & Equity

40:53 How the 80s & 90s screwed up “colorblindness”

51:38 How CITC helps organizations create change

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