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Highly successful organizations seek out and promote capable leaders who

demonstrate high levels of Cultural Intelligence

If you have ever interacted with someone who is different than you, you need Cultural Intelligence, or CI.


CI invites people to learn about themselves, so they can engage and communicate effectively with others from diverse ethnicities, genders, backgrounds, abilities, and generations.

We help individuals and organizations develop cultural curiosity, lead with empathy, and effect change through compassionate action. In doing this, we move beyond the one-and-done workshop model to deliver a comprehensive Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) solution to your organization through CI. Diversity allows contributors to feel represented at your company; equity upholds fairness amongst individuals; and inclusion assures them that they belong. These are outcomes, not intentions. Holistic transformation is possible, and we will help you get there.


We respect the process of change and recognize that it takes time. To simplify the process, we start with an organizational culture audit and follow this with a dynamic blend of training and consulting: we listen to your needs, consider your timeline and budget, and give you honest answers to guide you in becoming culturally intelligent. 

Our research-based and time-tested approach will help your organization move from intentionality to action.

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Understand the what, why, and how of diversity, equity and inclusion through CI


Work one-on-one with responsive and experienced advocates who inspire with data-informed solutions


Create an organizational climate in which every contributor feels not only represented, but included


Read articles, watch videos, view webinars on CI & DEI