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Become Culturally Intelligent

Promote Diversity & Inclusion as an individual or organization by developing your Cultural Intelligence.


Cultural Intelligence (CI) evinces a person's ability to gather, interpret, and act upon drastically different cues to behave effectively across cultural settings or in multicultural situations.


CI is developed by engaging curiosity, empathy, and compassion. These virtues are the foundation for Cultural Openness, Cultural Awareness and Cultural Responsiveness.


Leaders willingly seek to understand themselves and diverse others to identify how worldviews and cultural perspectives may contrast. 

Curiosity guides 

Cultural Openness.


Leaders intentionally demonstrate respect through behavioral changes in dynamic cultural contexts, putting empathy into action.

Compassion guides Cultural Responsiveness.


Leaders conscientiously realign their perspectives to understand the cultural mindsets and emotions of those they seek to engage.

Empathy guides 

Cultural Awareness. 

Highly successful organizations seek out and promote capable leaders who demonstrate high levels of Cultural Intelligence.


Understand the what, why, and how of diversity and inclusion through CI.


Work one-on-one with responsive and experienced advocates who inspire with data-informed solutions


Create an organizational climate in which every contributor feels not merely represented, but included


"I loved the workshop! It was facilitated so well that I was taking note. The polls and the breakout sessions were effective in keeping us engaged."

—  Webinar Participant, 2020

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