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Bring humanity to the workplace

Partner with us to implement a leadership strategy that makes sense for your organization, weaving in our Culturally Intelligent values of curiosity, empathy, and compassion

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Curious leaders invite their teams to grow. Engage our series of validated instruments to understand your levels of CI and ask how you might develop Cultural Openness

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Empathetic leaders foster trust within their organizations. Understand our CI model to engage empathy as a tool of compassion and increase

Cultural Awareness

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Compassionate leaders take consistent, informed action to demonstrate their commitment to inclusion. Ensure people within your organization are known by their Cultural Responsiveness


We are a woman-of-color owned and operated leadership consultancy that respects the process of change. We move beyond the one-and-done workshop model to deliver a comprehensive Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB) solution to your organization through Cultural Intelligence (CI).

Diversity allows contributors to feel represented at your company; equity promotes fairness within systems; and inclusion assures people that they are valued. Belonging is the feeling of security and support people experience when there is an atmosphere of acceptance and inclusion of identity. These are outcomes, not intentions.


Holistic transformation is possible, and we will help you get there. ​We guide individuals and organizations in developing the values of curiosity, empathy, and compassion, so they can demonstrate the cultural capabilities of Openness, Awareness, and Responsiveness.


We start with an organizational culture assessment and follow this with a dynamic blend of training and consulting: we listen to your needs, consider your timeline and budget, and give you honest answers to advise you in becoming a DEIB-first organization. Our, trauma-informed, research-based, and time-tested approach will help you and your team move from intentionality to action.

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Increase your Cultural Awareness

Participate in our Culturally Intelligent workshop series or community- and culture-specific offerings


"Great job with timing and presentation. I have never had an 8 hour training fly by so quickly."

—  School Psychologist, 2020

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