Diversity & Inclusion Solution

Organizations that cultivate diverse teams see a
40 percent increase in innovation (HBR, 2019).

Invest in your entire organization—including senior leaders and every contributor—to ensure that you are upholding standards of not just representation, but inclusion. Collaborate over twelve months with us to build a Becoming Culturally Intelligent Diversity and Inclusion (DI) Program.


We will help guide your organization in demonstrating culturally responsive behaviors through helping you build a successful DI Committee/Team, using our 3-step process of Discovery, Training & Consulting Services, and Program Assessment

Our holistic solution allows your organization to select the number of trainings and consultation services that meet your needs, on a flexible timeline.  

How CITC’s DI Solution is Different Than Other Models

  1. We are not satisfied with the one-and-done DI workshop model; true diversity and inclusion work takes time. We honor this process.

  2. Our model is data-driven and time-tested for organizational success.

  3. We will leave your organization better than we found it.

  4. We empower the members of your organization to continue DI work into the future.

Our Becoming Culturally Intelligent DI Program 3-Step Solution



Through our innovative first-step of the DI process, we will collaborate with you to assess your organization's current DI climate, evaluate its needs, and develop a responsive DI action-plan that is customized to work for you. ​



The second-step of the DI process is continuous research-based, human-centered, interactive education.



Over the course of your customized program, your team will become prepared for the work of developing diversity and inclusion through our signature Becoming Culturally Intelligent PRO training. Thereafter, your team will receive all of our interactive workshops. View trainings and workshops.


While we educate your organization, we also come alongside leadership to provide the following consultation services: 

Formation of DI Committee

  • Support in Leadership Recruitment 

  • Assist in Formation of Potential Subcommittees/Work Groups

  • Train on Conducting Effective Meetings

  • Guide in Creating A Mentorship Program


Development of Accountability Map

CITC customizes an Accountability Map with your organization that guides leadership and staff in exhibiting culturally responsive practices in their workplace.


For Senior Leadership Only: Coaching/Mentorship for Inclusivity

  • Leadership Development for Creating Change

CITC will coach leaders on finding the bright spots, growing and motivating their people, and building inclusive habits.

  • Cross-Cultural Communication Strategies

Discuss organizational goals and devise strategies for effective, efficient, and empathetic cross-cultural communication.

  • Case Studies (limited to 3 cases for leadership team only)

If your team is struggling to navigate cross-cultural relationships, a consultant can meet to review challenging situations and guide team members in applying strategies to cross-cultural scenarios in safe practice environments.



Our final step ensures your organization has reached a healthy DI climate. Using surveys, selected interviews, and reflective responses, CITC will evaluate the effectiveness of your customized DI program and use data-driven decision making to refine future curricula.

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