Consulting Services

Subject-Matter Expertise

Work one-on-one with subject matter experts in Accessibility, LGBTQIA+, Racial Justice, Women's Rights, and Veterans & Military-Affiliated Persons to learn how to demonstrate culturally responsive behaviors and nurture inclusive environments

Cross-Cultural Communication Strategies

Meet with a consultant in person, over the phone, or through a video conferencing platform to discuss personal or organizational goals and devise strategies for effective, efficient, and empathetic cross-cultural communication.

Content Review

A consultant will review documents (such as, but not limited to, curriculum, reports, or articles) to edit for inclusive and clear language for broad cross-cultural impact.

Case Studies

If your team is struggling to navigate cross-cultural relationships, a consultant can meet to review challenging situations, offer training, and guide team members in applying strategies to cross-cultural scenarios in safe practice environments.

Identity Formation

Several of our consultants are privileged to live in the "both/and"—rather than the "neither/nor"of many cultures. If you are a multi-ethnic individual who would like to better understand and embrace the complexities contained within the cultures with which you identify, our consultants can guide you in asking identity-formation questions and constructing a plan for self-reflection and future action.

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Consultation Rates

You will receive consultation from a person, not an enterprise. We will listen to you, work with you, and support you in your leadership development and growth.


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