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Disability & Accessibility

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Name pronunciation

Dr. Amy Elizabeth Jacober  [Jah-coe-bur] (she/her/hers) is an outspoken advocate, author, and educator focusing on underserved populations. She has been teaching graduate, undergraduate, and professional students to consider context when looking at systems, sociology, and culture. She excels in connecting core beliefs with practical action, bridging the gap between theory and practice, and has taught and lectured in universities, colleges, non-profits in the U.S. and abroad for more than twenty years.


Dr. Jacober also has served as a professor, pastor, and board member for various ministries and non-profits for over two decades. For the past fifteen years, she has focused her writing on the intersection of theology and disability. This has given way to conversations of public theology, or the living out of one’s beliefs, in particular around accessibility and disability awareness and rights. She has served both on the National Advisory Board of Youth Life Capernaum* (Ministry for teens with impairments) and in a local YL Capernaum club.


In 2014, Dr. Jacober became a founding member and continues to serve as the Director of Education for the Sonoran Theological Group*, which provides accessible theological education for local churches, parachurches, and denominations. In 2017, Dr. Jacober planted Harbor Church* in central Phoenix, offering a place of worship for those who need a more welcoming place of worship—physically, spiritually, or emotionally.  


Dr. Jacober is a fifth-generation resident of Phoenix, Arizona. She lives with her husband, Dr. Cory Peacock, their three children, and an oversized dog. She loves hiking, cooking, and traveling, and one day she will finish sewing her son's Christmas stocking.


Her desire is to foster informed curiosity and to help amplify the voices of those not always heard.

*Amy Elizabeth Jacober's services provided through Culturally Intelligent Training & Consulting, LLC are not connected to his professional, educational, or private affiliations.

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Theology (Systematics, Ethics, and Practical)

    • Fuller Theological Seminary

  • Master of Social Work

    • Arizona State University 

  • Master of Divinity

    • Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

  • Master of Church Social Services

    • Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

    • University of Arizona

Selected Publications
  • Book, In process: Redefining Perfect Ministry: the impact of theology on methodology, Cascade, 2021.

  • Book, In process: Theology of Caregiving, pending, 2022.

  • Book: Redefining Perfect: Theology and Disability, Cascade, 2017.

  • Article: From experience to ethics: the shaping impact of narrative on youth ministry, The Journal of Religion and Health, 2019

  • Article: Hesed: How youth Ministry with Teens with Disabilities Helps Restore an Abundant Community, The Journal of Youth and Theology, 2019.

  • Article: The Unmaking of Violence in the lives of those with disabilities: addressing abuse, REA 2015.

  • Article: American Academy of Religion, Women and Theology in Balance, Spring 2014.

  • Article: CYMT, Bullying, Fall 2013.

  • Article: St. Ignatius: the need for lament and recognition of blessing, Immerse, June/July 2012

  • Article: Considerations of Youth Ministry, Religious Education, and Adolescents with Disabilities, The Journal of Religion, Disability and Health, 2010, pp. 167-181.

  • Article: Balance and Justice: a youth ministry perspective, The Journal of Student Ministries, 2008.

  • Article: Ministry with teens with disabilities, Youthworker Journal, 2008. 67-92.

  • Article: Ostensibly Welcome: Exploratory research on the youth ministry experience with families with teens with disabilities, The Journal of Youth Ministry, 2007.

Contribution to compiled work

  • Book Chapter: Embodied Youth: Exploring Youth Ministry and Disability, 2020.

  • Book Chapter: Access in the City; urban youth ministry and disability, 2018.

  • Contributing Author and Editor: Beyond Suffering Bible: where disabilities and possibilities meet. Joni and Friends in partnership with Tyndale, 2016.

  • Book Chapter: Including Adolescents with Disabilities in Your Ministry: Go, But Go Wisely, GMI Publishing, 2015.

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